Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Pliney the Younger at the Falling Rock Taphouse

The Falling Rock Taphouse in Denver received 7 'pins' of the infamous Pliney the Younger. Pliney the Younger is a Triple IPA that Russian River brews only once per year.

I was able to get down to Denver before they opened where I stood in line with a few fellow craft beer lovers.

Beth handed out red tickets to everyone in line - this was a guarantee that we would get at least one glass.

I forgot to take my camera to Denver but the nice guy sitting next to me emailed me the photos he took with his phone. Thanks, Scott.

The Pliney was delicious and hoppy. The Falling Rock also had the Pliney the Elder on tap. I saw one guy that had a glass of each in front of him. That was a good idea that I didn't do.

I was only able to stay for one glass ($8 for a 8oz pour) because I had to get home for an online beer tasting (chocolate stouts) with the Beer Club of NJ. My friend, Scott, stayed for 3 glasses of the Pliney. Lucky Scott!